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Get that fashionable look not from only what you wear but from your stance, hair and your movement. Fashion is not just the quality of the garments it’s you and how you move.

Thousands of fashion houses exist and here on the NorthSide we boast some of the greatest fashion houses the UK has to offer. Not only do the garments help you achieve that look but you have to look at the fashion that best compliments you. We review the latest trends and fashion here but we also focus on the real people wearing the latest looks. Some fashions won’t work with particular types of people and so finding that fashion does suit is what we intend to do.

We are party to some of the greatest fashion houses in the UK and are fortunate enough to get access to some of the latest fashionable trends before they hit the high street. Check out our fashion blog and see what some of the biggest brands in the UK are up to today.

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Here at NorthSide fashion we like to engage with the latest fashions that not always include the garments but the other side of fashion that can go unnoticed. What is the latest hair design about to hit the season, any new make-up trends to appear?

We aim to find out all that is happening within the fashion world. Want to be part of our initiative then drop us an email. We are always eager to hear from follow fashion followers.

Covering all aspects of fashion from the glamorous to the chic we are not aiming to go with any flow. We aim to give an objective view and opinion on what is about to hit the street. Follow us and send us a message, we are open to all fashion opinions.

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We are loud and outspoken when it comes to our opinions on fashion. A new range or a new fad we’ll not hold back on how we feel. Check out our blog for the latest fashion updates from us here at NorthSide Fashion.

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